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About Me

Quick Info
Name Janus
Birthday 08/16/2001
Gender Male
Hello, welcome to my website! My name is Janus (not my real name, obviously) I'm 16 y/o as of writing this, and I would say my main hobbies are cross stitch, older video games, and writing web pages. Here's some details on those!


I have been cross stitching since November 2017, and have 3 large WIPs right now. You can see my patterns and other things in the Cross Stitch section of the site.


A lot of the games I enjoy learning about and playing are older, specifically from around the late 90s and early 00s. Most of what I enjoy about them is the graphics and specifically the UI design. I absolutely fucking love the round bubbly ones. My favourite is from The Sims 2! If you asked my what my favourite games were I would pretty easily answer with Space Channel 5 Part 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and The Sims 2. And I really like Nancy Drew.

Web Pages

As you might be able to tell from the existance of this site, I enjoy writing web pages. My sort of "style" is old web-ish but I think if you took away the gifs and the borders it would be more baby's first tumblr theme. I enjoy fiddling with the CSS more than doing the HTML or thinking of content. However I'm pretty sloppy and lazy with my code so it's a huge mess, just see this page! I write most of my pages in Brackets. I also like to surf internet archives.


  • I REALLY love cats
  • Lydia Deetz is the biggest mood
  • I don't watch a lot of tv, mostly just youtube. I do really like the IT Crowd though
  • I also mostly watch Let's Plays or retro computer vids. Supergreatfriend has really nice series.
  • My favorite movies are Clue, What we Do in the Shadows, and Jan ┼ávankmajer's Alice