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Disclaimer: If something doesn't make sense it's because it doesn't.

July 21st, 2018

Star Trek

I'm watching Star Trek really hard right now, going between watching tng and tos. I have a preference for tng but tos is something special. It's amazing. Mostly because of Kirk. Coming from watching tng I thought that my favorite was going to be Spock since I love Data so much, but for some reason I just like Kirk better. Maybe it's because of Shatner's acting?

Interview with the Vampire

Okay here's the whole reason I made this section now and not later. Interview with the Vampire is kind of just terrible but I can't fucking get enough of it. Lestat is terrible. Louis is so much to deal with. Claudia is fucking Claudia. I hate Anne Rice but I need her stupid books in my life. The movie is the only thing fresh in my mind but I finished the book and got about half way through The Vampire Lestat before I had to take a break and that was about a year ago. Clearly I need to read them again. I think most of what I like about these books is simple! 1. I like vampires 2. Gay 3. I like garbage. I will eventually be posting a review-ish-thing for a book I own called "Vampire Beat" which is about a cop who becomes a vampire and oh lord, is it bad. I never actually finished it but I had about 8 pages left before I would have been. Going back to the Interview with the Vampire movie it was, again, bad but I got genuine enjoyment out of it. Mostly I liked Lestat and the scene where he reveals you can eat rats and the captions said [CRUNCH]. I hate most of how Anne Rice talks about Claudia and how she handled Claudia. More detail at a later date when I've reread the book.