January 20th, 2022 Wow so, 2022 huh? Haha. Well I'm ACTUALLY bringing the site back this time, for my cross stitch patterns and to host my sims 2 stuff. Maybe some weird ad reviews/posts/etc. Here's hoping I actually FINISH this one in a few days!
April 26th, 2021 Wow, I haven't worked on this thing in a long while. I thought today, hm, I'd sure like somewhere to host my cross stitch patterns since I don't sell them. I know neocities doesn't have the best reach, but I really enjoy being able to write my own pages instead of using some editor. Anyway I've gotten rid of the old updates for now since they're a bit cringe or whatever. I had some big plans for content in August 2019 which I then stopped working on? It was a bit ambitious tbh. Anyway going to re-start this small so I can justify smaller updates to it later. Also, I had to switch editors since adobe is abandoning brackets :( RIP my first editor outside of regular old notepad