December 2nd, 2018
  • THE WHOLE SITE IS GETTING NUKED AND REPLACED. AGAIN!!!! HOPEFULLY FOR THE LAST TIME FOR A WHILE. also i DO NOT recommend trying to edit your html through neocities' editor on mobile. its possible but actually hellish. anyway feel free to come bother me about my plans on tumblr, well until tumblr dies in a few weeks anyway. ill be on the fucking site until it crumbles to dust.
  • July 21st, 2018
    • Made the reviews section, will probably change the formatting in it later but I don't care tooo much right now. Probably what I'll end up doing is I'll get too lazy to organize it and just shove all the reviews in one "old" section then just have the new ones follow the rules. That's a trend on this site!
    • Classed the joint up by making the personal pages hub a little nicer. I'll probably get fancy with it at some point but honestly it's really only so my sidenav doesn't get clogged to all hell.
    • I'm trying to make an 88x31 but its hard. It'd be easier if I could run photoshop on my temporary laptop but it won't even run windows without choking to death. GIMP runs but I find it frustrating. Anyway this is my rough draft It actually had more frames but it looked worse with them. If you're interested in linking back with a button please wait and don't use this one!!
    • Oh yeah speaking of 88x31s I'm going to make a section of them eventually but ugh there's so much switching tabs and windows it just makes me frustrated!
    July 17th, 2018 Welcome to my new Updates section! This is where I'll be putting any new info for the site that doesn't belong in the changelog, such as more detail about the new pages/changes, minor problems, what I'm planning, etc. So if you follow me on neocities, you should always check this page first to see exactly what I've updated! So, here's what's new:
    • My Kitty Korner will be up! Well, the playroom will be at least. I'm having problems with the garden and I may make it a victorian section instead. I was going to make one anyway but I thought I would have more plants and outside cats, and the backgrounds would be easy to find.
    • I'm planning on fleshing out my about page with useless fun facts but I'm so bad at coming up with them... how do people make these things?
    • I need to get my cross stitch pages up ASAP!! I have patterns to share!!
    • Some of the fanpages I'm going to start with include ressurrecting my space channel 5 page and a Data shrine. Honestly even the space channel 5 page is just going to be an Ulala shrine. I need to rebrand. Oh and I'm also going to make a reviews section but it's mostly going to just be incoherent. I can't keep ranting about my love/hate relationship with Interview with the Vampire on tumblr. It's too public.